Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

A week or so ago I went for a walk with BP during my car appointment.  I noticed (again) that the sidewalks are ‘missing’ or ‘misplaced’.  For example (it was a busy road): I could walk past one building, cross the intersection, and then there wasn’t a sidewalk to continue walking on.  Not on this side or that side of the road.  But further up, on the other side of the road, there was a sidewalk there.  I’m not sure how the town thought I would safely cross the street without a cross walk (again it was a very busy road).  As I continued walking up the road, sometimes on the sidewalk, sometimes wishing for a sidewalk, I wondered if the lack of sidewalks was helping to contribute to obesity in America.  Notice I didn’t say: the lack of sidewalk is the REASON for obesity in America.  I know it all has to do with personal responsibility.  The choices we make.  (And for some people there truly is a medical reason why they cannot maintain a healthy weight – – whatever that weight might be for them). *Oh, just a side note: in Biblical times -> thin was NOT beautiful.  A little ‘thick’ was the way to be.  Oh America, where did we go wrong?  Back to the issue at hand.  I live in an area where walking is safe.  Therefore I walk in my neighborhood frequently, no sidewalks necessary.  Where I used to live (hill country), again, safe.  No sidewalks necessary there either.  But, not everyone is as blessed as I am.  Not everyone can meander in the middle of the road and not worry about a car coming.  Does that mean not everyone has a chance to go for a walk?  No, no, no.  We all can find a safe place to walk.  But if towns are going to bother putting in sidewalks, it would be nice if we could get from this one to that one without having to cross the street at every intersection or making a dash for it to get to the next one before another car comes flying down the road.

So why did the chicken really cross the road? To get to the other sidewalk – – > if there even was one. 😉

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