Fun-Free Diet

Happy May Day.  Today HP and I start our ‘fun-free’ diet.  I know, I know – what kind of name is that?  So here’s how it came about…

Last year after BP was born — Let me back up just a second — While I was pregnant with BP I discovered I was allergic to tree nuts and peanuts.  Not a good thing to discover when all I wanted to eat was peanut butter from the jar.

Back to today.  Last year when BP was born, we had a tough time adjusting to life.  BP spit up every.single.time she ate.  I felt like I was feeding her all of the time.  And I was.  I also was covered in spit up all of the time.  I felt like I should wear a big sheet and just keep turning it until the whole thing was covered in spit-up.  Then, and only then, would I put a new one on.  Instead I just did lots of laundry.

Back to the fun-free diet… In an effort to figure out what was ailing BP I cut out of my diet: dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, soy, and shellfish.  I already had cut out the tree nuts and peanuts.   Yep, we had gotten rid of all 8 major allergens from our diet.

The spitting up stopped – the rash (that I neglected to tell you about – she looked like a giant strawberry) went away too.

But we were hungry!!  Very Hungry.  Eventually I collected enough different recipes that I could feed us a different meal every night and have us be full (at least remotely full), and BP would not react poorly to something I ate.

The benefits of the fun-free diet: I had more energy, HP (and MP) lost weight, we were eating healthier (because let’s face it – all that is left is chicken and vegetables (well, it’s not that bad…)).

But then, BP outgrew her allergies (and so did I) (except for my allergy to medicine, and metal (I still can’t wear my rings 😦  )).  So we stopped the fun-free diet.  My weight stayed the same.  HP gained some weight back.  I had less energy, and so did HP (I think?).

So in an effort to lose weight/regain energy for the month of May (and maybe longer) we are on the fun-free diet. 🙂  Here is the menu (in alphabetical order-sorry about that) for the month:

Fun Free Diet
Chicken 1-2-3 Mushroom Chicken 1
Ground meat American Chop Suey Crockpot 2
Pork Balsamic Brown Sugar Pork Chops 3
Ground meat Chili 4
Chicken Cinnamon Chicken Recipe 5
Chicken Cranberry Chicken and Rice 6
Pasta Elbows & Sauce 7
Ground meat Frito pie (Robyn’s recipe) 8
Chicken Ginger Sweet Potato Chicken Bake 9
Chicken Lemon Pepper Chicken with Chili French Fries 10
Pork Lima Bean Casserole Crockpot 11
Pork Maple Ham 12
Ground meat Meat Loaf 13
Chicken Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup Crockpot 14
Chicken One-pot chicken and vegetables Crockpot 15
Sausage Overnight Breakfast Potatoes and Sausage Crockpot 16
Pork Pork Chops with Dijon Herb Sauce 17
Pork Pork Chops with Peach Salsa 18
Chicken Potato Chip Chicken 19
Sausage Red Beans & Rice 20
Ground meat Rice and Meat Casserole 21
Chicken Roasted Garlic Chicken with Red Potatoes 22
Chicken Rotisserie-Style Chicken Crockpot 23
Chicken Salsa Chicken Crockpot 24
Ground meat Sweet Potato Chili Crockpot 25
Chicken Tortilla Soup Crockpot 26
Chicken Turkey and Wild Rice Soup Crockpot 27
Chicken Turkey Cutlets in Mango Salsa Crockpot 28
Sausage Turkey Sausage and Sauce over Pasta 29
Chicken Turkey Stew Crockpot 30
Sausage White Bean & Sausage Soup Crockpot 31

See: it is more than just chicken and vegetables. 😀

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