Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

When I first bought my condo, the walls were a little empty. As in ab-so-lute-ly nothing was on the walls. Well, except for my diploma. When my brother, an artist, came over to see what I had done with the place (next to nothing), he was SHOCKED! Within a few days he showed up with about 15 paintings for me to hang throughout the condo. It was a 3 room condo – not a lot of wall space – but at least now (then) it was full. 🙂 The paintings came with one condition: if it sells, he gets to take it back. And some did. 😦 🙂

Then I met HP. Every country he had traveled to he bought a flag from. So now the walls of our house are decorated with my brother’s paintings and HP’s flags. Oh, and 1 map.


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  2. tommiaw says:

    That sounds like fun! A friend of mine had a custom-made map for one wall in her office. She places pins to everywhere she has travelled.

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