Daily Prompt: Earworm

A few weeks (months?) ago my cousin, PLH, asked what song we sang, while in our car, at the top of our lungs.  She received many random answers, but mine… Mine was: Jesus Saves.  Half of you probably have never even heard of that song. :-O  I’d look up a YouTube for you, but BP is sleeping right next to me and I don’t want to wake her up – – > And trust me – – > that is way more important right now.

Several days after PLH asked the question BP started singing a song.  HP and I had no idea what she was singing (she is only 14 months old).  After a few days we finally caught part of the song: ebber be…  We still had no idea what she was singing.

One night, on the way home from our church’s growth group I was singing Jesus Saves.  As I came to the line: This my song shall ever be….  BP chimed in loud and clear: ebber be… Yep, I must sing that song quite a bit. 😉

The reason this song is stuck with me right now is with all of the tragedy going on around us right now I need some kind of hope.  That hope can be found in Jesus Christ.  Jesus does save.


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  2. sheila says:

    You are right, Jesus saves

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