Precious (and Non-Precious) Mommy Moments

BP started to walk this month.  It’s so awesome when she walks over to me, takes my hand, and leads me to whatever it is she wants/needs.  Sometimes when we are walking together BP reaches for me hand just to hold on.

BP hugs everything.  Her doll, her stuffed animals, her books, my phone, her banana, my hand when I am feeding her. Sometimes she even adds a few pats on my back – as if she is saying: Good job Mom, good job.

A few days ago I was changing BPs ditty.  She had pooped a nugget (wow, did it stink).  I wiped her up and wrapped up the dydee as usual.  as I took a step to put the dydee in the trash my foot grazed over something soft on the floor.  I glanced down and saw the nugget had ‘escaped’ the dydee and fallen on the floor.  And now I had squished it with my foot.  Whew – I’m glad I had put socks on!

Before BPs bath the other day I sat BP on the toilet.  She doesn’t get it yet, but hey, why not try?  After I put BP in the tub she goofed off for a while.  Then she let out a toot-toot.  Hmm, I thought, maybe I should put her back over the toilet, just in case.  The next moment was too late as she stood up, leaned against the edge of the tub and pooped for all she was worth.  When she was done she stood up and clapped.    Now to get her to understand if she does that in the toilet, instead of the tub, I will gladly clap for/with her. 🙂

And to end with a not so gross note:
I’ve been letting BP feed herself with a fork.  Last night we had pancakes – mmmm.  I broke up pieces of a pancake and gave her a fork.  She stabbed a bite, and easily got it into her mouth.  She promptly put down her fork and clapped.  She grinned as we clapped too.  After her next bite, she looked at us expectantly.  So we clapped – -> but not for long enough… BP started clapping when we finished, and looked at us expecting us to clap some more (which we did).  For her next bite BP didn’t get anything on her fork, never mind in her mouth, but she grinned and clapped anyway… And expected us to do the same.

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