I made a bet one day with CD.  I don’t even remember what the bet was, but I remember I lost.  The payment was to be 1,000,000.00 dollars.  Yep, One Million dollars.  Who has that kind of money anyway?  So I sent CD a check for $1,000.  Wow, was he mad.  Yeah, we made a bet, but he didn’t actually expect me to pay up.  He sent the check back (what a good guy).

So I told CD I would pay him back a different way.  With a birthday present of sorts… Miguel…

I went to World Vision’s website and I searched for a little boy born in September.  September 22 to be exact.  When I found him he was just the cutest kid ever.  I signed up to sponsor him.  It cost just $25 a month.  I could afford that (esp compared to $1,000,000).

A week or so later I received a packet in the mail telling me all about Miguel.  It came with a few pictures.  I took one of the pictures: framed it, and wrapped it as a present.  I wrote a note that I would sponsor this little boy until he no longer needed me (in lieu of repaying the bet).  CD was shocked.  He never received a present quite like that before.  (Probably very few people have).

CD put the picture on his desk and when he was having a tough day he looked at the picture and smiled.  The picture of Miguel reminded him that there were people in this world that needed him.  And that there were decent people out there trying to help other people.

I received the greater blessing though.  I mailed letters and packages.  Miguel’s mom mailed back letters and thank you notes and pictures.  Until one day I received: the letter.

The letter was from World Vision.  Miguel no longer needed me.  I cried.  I am thankful he didn’t need me, but I wanted to know about him.  What he would do when he grew up, where he would go, who he would become?  But he didn’t need me anymore.

World Vision sent me a packet for a new little girl.  Her name was Monica.  I didn’t want her.  I didn’t get to pick her, or her birthday.  I wanted Miguel.  But I kept her (and I still support her).  We (HP and I) support 2 other kids too.  We picked them.  But it is Monica that I hear from the most.

Sometimes kids need us (Miguel) and sometimes we need them (Monica).  I’m glad I have 4 kids in other countries.  I’d like to meet them someday.  Most of all I would like to know who they become and for them to know: that even though I helped them a little, they helped me a lot.

My cousin, PEH, is a World Vision volunteer.  If you are interested in finding out more about sponsoring a child, let me know and I will get you in touch with PEH.  Sponsoring a child is an experience you will never forget!

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