Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

I don’t usually answer calls that are from unknown numbers.  On this particular day I did.  It was Carlos.  (I don’t know a Carlos.)  He wanted to know if I was still looking to buy a car? No, no in fact I never was.

Carlos: You never were?
Me: No, no I wasn’t.
Carlos: Then why did you stop here and ask me to keep an eye out for a car for you?
Me: I don’t even know you
Carlos: But you were just here on Saturday
Me: Where is here?
Carlos: St John’s Car Bay
Me: Where is that?
Carlos: Ocala, FL.  Weren’t you just here on Saturday?
Me: Noooo, I live in Nebraska, and I have never been to FL.  I definitely wasn’t there on Saturday.
Carlos:  Then how come you are calling me?
Me:  i didn’t call you – you called me.
Carlos: Oh, Oh, OOHHHH
Carlos: Well, if you ever know anyone who needs to buy a car in FL- send them to me.
Me: Sure, sure I’ll do that.
Me: Hey, while I have you on the line – I sell Arbonne.
Carlos: What’s that?
Me: It’s a chemical free line of beauty products
Carlos: Oh, I don’t need that.  I’m a man.
Me: Oh, Carlos, I know that.  but maybe your wife would be interested…
Carlos: Hey yeah, maybe
Me: So here’s my website… hpwpbp.wordpress.com.  If she’s interested let me know.
Carlos: sure, I’d be glad too.  And don’t forget: if you or anyone you know needs a car in FL, send them to me.
Me: I’ll do that Carlos, I’ll do that.  Talk to you later.
Carlos: Ok, bye

We both hang up the phone.

2 weeks later
The phone rings – it’s a number I vaguely recognize.

Carlos: Hey, do you remember me?  I sell cars in Fl.
Me: Yeah, yeah, I remember you.  But I don’t need a car, and I don’t live in FL.
Carlos: I know, I know… My wife went to your website and she wants to order some things from you….

Never underestimate: The Unknown Caller…


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