Get Lost

I think I was born lost.  No, really, I think I was.  Thankfully it doesn’t bother me to get lost. I look at it as a way to discover new things.  I have found many fun places while driving around ‘lost’.  Are you truly lost if you always find your way back home? 

On one particular day I was driving home from a friend’s house.  I had gotten lost on the way there, so I figured I might as well try a ‘new’ way home.  It couldn’t be any worse than the trip there.  So I am driving along in my auto-mo-bile (insert musical notes here – I would if I knew how).  I’m just a thinking on all the things I think on.  Suddenly I realize I have no idea where I am.  Absolutely NO IDEA.  So what do I do?  I pick up the phone and call KN.  Yep, he was always the one to call.  Not because he could get me unlost, but because he was fun to talk to while I was lost (and other times too 😀 ).

His first question: Where are you?  He knew me so well… He knew my answer would be: I have no idea.  His next question: What street are you on? My answer: I have no idea.  His next question: What town are you in? My answer: I have no idea.  He chuckled and said – I’m going to go out on a limb here: What state are you in? My answer: I have no idea.  As he roared with laughter he said: So, you just need someone to talk to while you get unlost right?  Yep, yep I did.

After more than one occasion like that I decided I should get a GPS (and stop calling poor KN).  I bought a GPS and named it T the Tom Tom.  The first couple of times I used T it worked like a charm.  KN thought I was mad at him or something… T.H.E.N I used it to go on a business trip…

I drove along just thinking about things, following every prompt as T prompted.  Happy as a lark (I was probably singing too).  Until it told me: You have reached your destination.  Clearly I had not reached my destination.  I could see my destination.  I could also see the gully between me and my destination.  And I could NOT see a way over the gully to my destination.

Every time I tried to get T to ‘recalculate’ he brought me right back to my destination and the gully between me and my destination.

So what did I do? I called KN.  No, not to get directions, but to let him know he is not replaceable.  T might get me to my destination (or at least in visible sight of my destination), but he could not hold a conversation while I drove around lost trying to get to said destination.

I continue to get lost.  I still use T (and continue to get lost).  But KNs services have gone unused for a very long time (poor guy).

The End

One of the beautiful sites I have found while I was ‘lost’.


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  1. Stacy says:

    Getting “lost” is the best way to make new discoveries – about ourselves and our surroundings. (I once got lost in France and wound up on what appeared to be a pig trail. Now that is a memory I will never forget!) ❤

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