Singing & Dancing

Once upon a time boy met girl.  They decided to keep seeing each other (yay!).  After a few dates the boy learned that the girl liked to dance (not publicly, mind you, but dance she did).  He also discovered that there was one song that had to be sung while sitting on a bench (and again – without anyone watching).

Have you ever gone a fishin’ on a hot summer day?
Sitting on a bench when the bench gave way?
With your hands in your pockets and your pockets in your pants
Watching the little fishes do the hula hula dance…

As the dates went on the boy noticed that the girl took her sweet ole time doing everything.  She was not to be rushed.  AND she had a grand time doing it.

One day, when they were visiting family, the boy and the girl went for a walk.  Their little eyeballs spotted a bench, so of course they had to sit on it and sing ‘the song’.  After which the boy pulled out a ring and proposed. 😀  The girl said yes (of course).

A few years later (after they were married) they had a BP. Yay again!

One day the girl (WP) had to run into the post office to check the box.  The couple did this on a regular basis.  So the boy (HP) stayed in the car with the BP.  For some reason it took forever to go in and check the box.  Every time WP went in it seemed to take forever.  One day HP wanted to go in and check the box.  He was in and out in a jiffy.  WP was shocked!  She asked HP how he did it so quickly and if it seemed to take forever when she went in.  

HP sheepishly grinned and said he always wondered what took WP so long.  He figured she was just singing and dancing her way through the post office to check the box.  The next time WP went in to check the box – ->she realized she does sing and dance her way through the post office. :O

One day BP was climbing the stairs at home and she was taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r!  WP commented to HP that she was goofing off on the way up looking at everything.  HP got the sheepish grin on his face and said: ‘She must be singing and dancing her way up – just like her mother.’

Singing and dancing our way through life, and having a grand ole time doing it.

The End

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