Daily Prompt: Press It

Blog number 1 post that I have read in the last week: Pinterest

Let’s just say this post was awesome.  In fact it was so awesome I read it out loud to HP and he laughed.  I even thought about it later (which takes a lot for me to do).  The reason this resonated so well for/to me was that I see people posting to Pinterest all.of.the.time.  I don’t even have a Pinterest account (and don’t plan on getting one), but I hate it anyway.  The author of this blog post did so very well describing what Pinterest does to people.  They have to one-up each other (whether they know the people or not).  It was a great read – well worth reading again! P.S. His about page is pretty awesome too.

Blog number 2 post that I have read in the last week:  Victoria’s Secret

Sort of.  I read it a week or so again, but I went back to it last week to read the comments.   I must say the letter was good – – > the comments were even better!  Wowzers.  People were getting heated over something that shouldn’t matter because it shouldn’t be seen.  Hello, underwear is UNDERwear.  It’s meant to be worn under clothes (therefore it won’t be seen).  If you haven’t read this, go ahead and read the letter, but make sure you read the comments too. 😀

Blog number 3 post that I have read in the last week: Sadness

This was neither funny, nor earth-shattering.  It was Heaven bound.  I rejoice that my friend is able to rejoice, and I cry that they have temporarily lost their sweet little one.  I appreciate the openness they have shared throughout their journey in the last 6, 7, 8+ months.  I pray their hearts heal, and their lives continue to glorify Him.

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  1. Ande says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    And “About Me” pages are pretty easy when you have an awesome subject.

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