Daily Prompt: Do-Over!

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And this is what I should have written:

Finish the sentence that begins “What I’ve always wanted to say is…”

Can I pay for that for you?

Several years ago I was enjoying a Wendy’s cheeseburger and fries (with a Frosty (I think)), and I watched a mother come in with her young son.  They debated over what they wanted to get.  This or that, this or that.  They finally decided and placed their order.  The total came to $.  I don’t remember what it was.  I just remember it was just a bit more than the mother had – less than a dollar more.  The mother decided to put her milk back, and just buy one for her son.  I wish I had said: ‘Can I pay for that for you?’.  Since that day I have paid for things for people/left better tips/shared coupons at the store (poor, poor, half-asleep person one Saturday morning – he was so confused), and overall ‘done better’.  But I still wish on that particular day I had said: ‘Can I pay for that for you?’.


**I might wish to say what I had said in the original post, but I sure do wish this more.

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