Silly Saturday

The other day I was teaching BP how to tie shoes. Yes, I know she is only 13 months old, and doesn’t get it, but I have to start sometime…

We sat down on the floor – with my shoes off. I took the two ends and crossed them over. i tucked the one under the other and pulled them tight. BP was watching the whole time just fascinated. I made one bunny ear (and told her it was a bunny ear). BP leaned over and gave it a little love (a hug), and then leaned back to continue watching. I told her we need to give the bunny ear a big hug with the other piece of lace. I wrapped the lace around the bunny ear and tucked it in real close. She got a huge grin on her face. I ‘magically’ made another bunny ear pop up, and she started giggling. I pulled them tight and she leaned over and gave them big ‘loves’. When she sat back up she looked around for my other shoe and handed it to me. She strongly encouraged me to do it with my second shoe and we repeated the process. When I made the first bunny ear she gave it loves twice. And when the second ear showed up she grinned and gave it big loves several times over. I love this kid!

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