Wed – News – Day

Every Sunday I read the newspaper and typically get annoyed/angry at what I read. Here are a few examples from this week (with a few blog readings thrown in too).

1.) A woman is going to have her baby taken away from her. Sad, right? Wrong – – > here are some facts: the baby was born addicted to drugs (and how did she get that way????), the mother was stopped for DWI (not once, but twice) AND the baby was in the car. Those are the only facts that I can remember… But all of that wasn’t what got me so riled up. Here it is: where is the father? You got it, not one mention of him. No: hey, the mother is losing the baby, but the father is stepping up to take care of her. Nope, not one word about him. I ask you again: where is the father?

2.) It seems everyone is up in arms about abortion this week (it may be all of the time, and I just happened to notice it this week). Of the articles I read (and comments), very few people are willing to actually do anything to stop abortions. First, I want to point out – yes, a mother’s life changes for the 9 months while she is carrying the BABY (and s/he is a baby, not a fetus). But, consider this, they are trading not wanting their life to change for 9 months for not wanting to give someone the chance to live for 70 or more years. 9 months for 70+ years = they are not equal at all. Please give up 9 months so your child can live for however long God wants him/her to live. Also, to all of you who are against abortion (and are being openly rude about it), instead of belittling these women: do something. Stand outside of the abortion clinics. Offer to adopt the babies. And offer to provide food and shelter for the mother while they are carrying the baby. Now that would be putting your money where your mouth is.

3.) I read a blog post from a father to Victoria’s Secret (hasn’t just about everyone at least heard of it by now?). I have not read all of the comments, but I have read a large portion of them. While I agree with the father’s point (stop selling women’s bodies and degrading women), why hasn’t anyone said anything of the lesser point (what is printed on the underwear)? First – no one, but the girl putting the underwear on, should be seeing the underwear – so who cares what is written on it? And, if you teach your kid to respect herself she won’t be choosing underwear that has inappropriate words on it (and she certainly won’t be letting anyone else see it).

4.) More and more I read stories of babies/children being hurt. The latest one was about a couple who left their daughter at a friend’s house, something happened (not sure what). When they picked up the girl, they had to rush her to the hospital, and someone (the friend?) is being charged with attempted murder. How does that happen? You need to pick better friends AND do a better job of picking who you leave your daughter with. I know the parents are horrified, and I feel bad for them. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. But, wow oh wow, pick better friends.

5.) There is an airline out there that wants to start charging people for their seat by the person’s weight. Seriously? Anyone who is ‘heavier’ (whether they actually are, or just feel like they are) is going to be publicly humiliated by being asked to step on a scale and pay for their seat based on their weight. That is horrible!

6.) I’ve been seeing a lot of equal signs going around. I think it’s because the people are in support of gay marriage (not possible). I agree the government needs to get out of marriage issues (and schools, and churches, and… just be a whole lot smaller in general). But God, our highest authority, has already ruled on homosexual relations as a whole: it is sin. Therefore this shouldn’t even be an issue. One man expressed his view (in favor of gay marriage) this way:

You don’t see a dog and a cat having relations, you don’t see a cow and a goat having relations. You see a dog and a dog. You see a cow and a cow. Therefore it should be men with men and women with women.

That my friends, would lead to the end of the human population. And then this really would be a non-issue.

7.) There is a German family here in the USA because if they stayed in Germany the parents would be placed in prison and their children would be taken from them. Now the government (here they go again) wants to deport them. I do not know if they are here legally or not (there is conflicting information concerning that). My HO: if they are here legally: leave them alone. If they are not: deport them, until they can be here legally. Follow the rules. I’m fine with anyone who wants to move here… just do it legally.

8.) Someone mentioned they were being harassed by someone else at their church. And that it took leadership a long time to handle it. We have heard that before from all types of religious organizations. My question is: why does leadership make it so difficult for a person (man or woman) to speak up and say they are being harassed/abused? And why does it take so long to ‘handle’ it? And why is it now all okay if the harasser is now going to another church? What? Something needs to be done! Shuffling harassers/abusers to another place means you are okay putting my child in danger, and I am not okay with that. For those of you being harassed/abused: say something. And keep saying something until you are heard. Those of you who hear of harassment/abuse: do something. Protect the victim, and help stop the occurrences (from happening to anyone, not just this victim, again). The abuse has got to stop.

That’s all for now. This may be the only edition of: Wed – News – Day… We will see what Sunday’s paper brings.

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  1. LOL If I were you, I would read less op-ed and take more walks outside. I’ll admit, I am just as apt to get upset by stuff I read in media, but that’s a trap I could avoid if I chose to. Newspapers and TV, and even blogs, partly exist to get us riled up. We should know better! Peace.

    • hpwpbp says:

      LOL. That is why I read only the Sunday paper, just a few blogs, and don’t own a TV. Once the weather figures out it is spring I will definitely take more walks. You are right – we should know better. 🙂

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