Hints from HpWpBp

When HP and I were first married I made meatloaf for dinner.  He was a little skeptical, but he tried it – and loved it.  Then I went on an eBay kick and I sold his meatloaf pan :O.  Uh Oh…  I reassured him I would get another pan (a stone one instead of non-stick), and I did. But, meatloaf takes so long to cook that I didn’t make it very often – much to his disappointment.

Then I discovered a little secret – – > use a muffin tin.

I made our favorite recipe, but cooked the meat’loaf’ in a muffin tin for 30ish minutes.  It came out beautifully!  Again he was a little skeptical.  When I told him knowing the serving size was easier this way (2 cupcakes = one serving), he got a silly little grin on his face and warmed up to the idea.

From then on I cooked our meat’loaf’ as cupcakes.  Until, last week.  When HP saw a meatloaf, he was disappointed.  Not only was it in a loaf pan, but it wasn’t our favorite recipe either.  What in the world was I doing?  We ate it, but decided to never use that recipe again.

Last night I made meatloaf/cupcakes (his favorite recipe).  When he walking in the door after work, smelled the meat’loaf’ and saw the cupcakes, he got the same silly grin that I love so very much on his face.

And we all lived happily ever after,

The End

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