I had an iPod for several years and lately I had been coveting the iPhone.  I wanted one for many reasons (all legitimate) – 3 devices in one, I would take more pictures/videos of BP, I needed a new phone anyway (my 3 key didn’t work very well, if at all), some apps I wanted to use I couldn’t on my iPod.  So we went out and bought me a brandy new iPhone.  We brought him home and named him George (actually we named him Nehemiah).

And now I wonder if I made the right decision.  Oh, I am very happy with it.  Maybe too happy.  I set it up so I could see a notification if anything happened on Facebook that I ‘needed’ to know about, new notifications from email, imessage, texts, phone calls, WordPress… You name it – if something happened I was notified.  And if nothing happened, I obsessed.  I check each and every app anyway.  Even though I knew there wasn’t anything going on – I just had to check anyway.  It made me feel connected.

The trouble was, I became less connected.  I rarely called, wrote, or texted anyone anymore.  I just was notified if something happened, but I never connected with those people.  So if someone ‘liked’ something I wrote on Facebook or WordPress.  yay.  But where is the true interaction?  Where is the actual connection?  There wasn’t any.  It just wasn’t happening.

So yesterday I turned off most of my notifications.  I refiled my apps into two folders:

Connected: Messages, GV Phone, AIM, Phone, Calendar, Contacts, and Mail
Un-Connected: WordPress, Facebook, Safari, Angry Birds, Temple Run

Connected was relabeled today as: Active
Un-Connected was relabeled today as: Passive

Active means I ‘reach out and touch someone’. JK Active means we communicate with words: it’s a two-way street.
Passive means I ‘reach out’, but not necessarily ‘touch someone’.  It’s more of a one-way street.

The objective is for the labels to make me more aware of the need for ME to be active in my relationships.  To get involved/be involved in the lives of others.  Not to just broadcast and hope that people are ‘connecting’ to me.

So here’s to Un-Connectedness.  Hopefully it leads to more active connections, by being un-connected to the passive connections.

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