The ‘Off-Limits’ Room Part 2

The other day I wrote about the ‘off-limits’ room and the escapades that happened in there.  Today was an occurrence of a different kind….

I brought BP upstairs to change her diddy. I stripped off her clothes on her lower half, and proceeded to undo her diaper.  I took her diaper off and cleaned up her behind.  I pulled out a clean diaper just as I heard a little giggle escape from BPs precious lips. Oh, and the sound of trickling as she peed all over the changing table.  After which she burst out laughing.

I sighed, then giggled with her.

I stood her up to strip her down and take the wet cover off of the changing pad.  As her little body was dancing all over the changing pad she peed again. BP proceeded to squeal with delight as her bare feet danced in her pee.

That act landed her in the bathtub – -> in the ‘off-limits’ room.

Exactly when can I start potty training BP?

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