Electronic, Paperback, or None of the Above?

Today at church I wondered just how old-fashioned I was.  The pastor mentioned that he would be reading a verse from Nehemiah and I felt like I was the only one who turned there to follow along.  I’m sure I wasn’t, but it felt that way.

Now I know other people bring their Bibles.  I’ve seen them (the people AND their Bibles). I also know the trend is to bring an electronic copy of the Bible.  Hey, I’ve even been guilty of that myself.  I thought it would be easier than trying to juggle a 1-year-old and a paper copy of the Bible.  I was wrong – she loves electronic gadgets.

I’ve also noticed a trend to not bring a Bible at all.  I’ve heard so many different reasons why people think they don’t need to bring a Bible.  

  1. They show the verses on the screen
  2. The pastor reads them
  3. It’s too dark to see my Bible
  4. The pastor doesn’t give me a chance to turn to where he is reading from
  5. My Bible is too heavy/bulky to bring
  6. I forgot my Bible (every week)
  7. And so many more

My question is: why should we bring a Bible and does it matter if it is electronic or not? 

My answer: Yes, bring a Bible.  If you don’t, how can you follow along and make sure the pastor is preaching the truth?  If you don’t have a copy of the Bible in front of you he could be making up verses and you would never know.  I’d love to know what pastors think?  Do they notice if no one is turning in their Bible to follow along?  Do they even care?

Nope, I don’t think it matters if you bring an electronic copy or a paper copy.  Just don’t get distracted with all those wonderful apps available on your electronic device. 😉

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