The ‘Off-Limits’ Room

We have very few rooms in our house that are off-limits to BP.  The bathroom is one of them.  This week I have been a little slack and she has wandered in there on many occasions.  And has lived to tell the story (actually, I will tell the stories – – > she’s too young to even remember them).

Story #1
I was taking a shower one day (I take one generally every day, but on this particular day…), and I left the door open.  BP decided to come on in.  At first she just goofed off, but pretty soon she was touching the shower curtain.  Then she was leaning in to touch between the shower ledge and the curtain… and then the water.  Yep, every parent can see where this went.  Before long she was full-fledged into the shower have a grand ole time.  Yet, she hates taking a bath in the bathtub.  Silly child.

Story #2
I was goofing off in the office waiting for the toilet bowl cleaner to do its magic so I didn’t have to scrub so very much.  BP was on her pony ‘riding’ all over the house.  She went into Mom’s room, the kitchen, the living room, back to the office, and then silence.  I decided I had better investigate, so off I went.  I peeked into the living room first, nope, not there.  I glanced around the corner and gasped!  BP was still on her pony, but was leaning over and had both hands swishing in the toilet.  She jumped big time when I said her name, and quickly plunged her hands back in to swish some more.  I laughed (wished I had my camera on me), and went on over to scoop her up.  As I was stripping her wet clothes off, I remembered at least the water was ‘clean’ seeing as I had recently added dish soap (yes, I clean my toilet with dish soap) in an effort to clean the toilet.

I can’t imagine what she will get into next…


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