Dear Store Owner,

I am writing this letter on behalf of many parents.  (I can’t believe I would be the only one who feels this way).  I would greatly appreciate it if you could set up the racks in your store and then push a carriage around in your store.  Next, add the merchandise to the racks (because we all know you didn’t have it on the racks the first go around with the carriage).  Please go around the racks again.  Adjust racks accordingly.  Last, but not least, add at least 1 child (who is awake) older than the age of one to the carriage.  Better yet, add 2.  Now wheel your carriage around again through ALL of your racks.  Please adjust racks to their new positions based on what you just learned.

I do realize you can now fit less racks into the floor plan of your store.  But I promise you – your business will increase.  While you will have less merchandise on the sales floor, you will also have much happier parents who are willing to spend more time in your store because they can actually get to all of the racks.

Thank you,
A mother who just went shopping.

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