My mother (MP) has Multiple Sclerosis, and has for 30ish years now.  One thing that has always amazed me is wheelchairs, and how far they have come technology-wise since she first started using one.  They are wonderful and I am thankful.  But, while I am thankful, I was wondering if someone could invent a few things for me…?

While some wheelchairs are handy, dandy and small – non of them are light.  I know, I know, many are classified as lightweight – – > but none of them are really lightweight.

But even more important than that!  Getting MP in and out of the car is, well, challenging.  I would like a wheelchair that you can pump up and down, you know like a dentist chair.  So when I need (really HP) to lift her into the car he can pump up the wheelchair so he is really lifting her down into the car.  And when retrieving her out of a car he can unpump the chair so that it is lower than where he is lifting her from.

Better yet – -> you can make the chair exactly even with where you want her to sit next.  You can pull out a handy board and slide her across the board (maybe the board can have rolly spindles on it – to make the sliding action just that much easier), across the ‘gap’ and right into where you want her to sit.

And on top of that – some kind of device to keep her sitting upright would be wonderful.  Right now HP has to give her a push every once in a while to keep her on her side of the car.  Especially after going around corners.  LOL – Driving and holding another body up has its challenges. 😉

And that is some of my business ideas.

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