By George

I always thought Ben Franklin was responsible for Daylight Savings Time. I was wrong, it was some guy named George. No, not George Washington. It was some other guy named George. Frankly, I think he was a moron. There was no way on God’s green earth he had children, or if he did, he did not consult his wife concerning his ‘great’ idea.
The point is — > we finally have BP going to bed at a decent time and getting up at a decent time, and now time is going to change. This BP is going to be up till 10 (or 11) again and getting up at 7 (if we are lucky – which odds are we won’t be – yep, she will probably still get up at 6).
By George, I think I might hate you – or very strongly dislike you at the very least!
From a Momma the night before Daylight Savings Time starts.


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