That’s One of My Favorites!

When HP and I were first married I made meals that I was used to – meals that he was not used to.  Some of my favorites (aka made the most frequently) were Shepherds Pie and ‘Wednesday Meal’.  After a short (thankfully) period of time I found out he did not like these meals at all.  Oops.

So I sat down and wrote a list of meals that we both liked.  And as I explored more I came up with more meals.  As he tried new and different diets I found new meals that would fit into those diet ways.  When BP was born she had reactions to different foods.  I eliminated the meals she reacted to and added in more choices.

Now, not quite, 3 years later I have a list of meals that HP and I like (BP can eat anything now – – woo hoo!).  3 months worth of different meals.  Yep, I might have gone a little overboard, but I have 91 different meals that we all like.

Can you say: meal planning made easy?  I have a spreadsheet (yes, I am the nerd type and like my spreadsheets) that has all of the meals listed out by weeks.  You know, so we aren’t eating just chicken one week and just vegetables the next.  And then I have a separate tab for all of the ingredients that I need for each week.

I am putting in a little extra effort right now and grouping them in month blocks.  The extra time comes in where I am trying to make sure an ingredient is used up – rather than going to waste.  for example: I need 1/2 c sour cream… I make sure I have another recipe in that month that will use up the rest of the sour cream = not wasting any money. 🙂

So I have 4ish weeks of meals printed and hanging on my fridge.  I do one ‘big’ shop at the beginning of the month, and a few small shops through out the month to keep the fruits and veggies fresh.

All of this equals – ->saving time, money, and gas.  And I don’t have to think about what I am making for dinner.  I just pick one of the meals I haven’t crossed off yet and make that.  I already have all the ingredients – it’s just a matter of making it.

And every night when HP comes home I hear: MMM, that’s smells good – -> That’s One of My Favorites.

Win-win in my book. 😉

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