Slide Down My Rainbow

Friends… are they forever or just temporary?  I sing a silly song to LP: Slide down my rainbow into my cellar door where we will be friends for ever more, more, more.

Is anyone really a friend for forever?  Think about all of your friends….

Now think about all your friends who aren’t related to you – -> which one is the friend you have known for the longest? How long have you known them for?

For me the answer was sad.  I don’t have many friends that I interact with that I have known for very long (other than relatives).  But I do have a few and they are very dear to me.

I have a theory about friends.  Friends are like grass, flowers, and trees.
Grass – they come into your life for forever, but need constant work or the friendship will die.
Flowers – they come for a season and then are gone… some do come back later though.
Trees – they come into your life, and grow slowly, but eventually they are big and strong friendships.

I am so thankful for HP who will be my friend forever more, more more! 🙂

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Wife Person to a wonderful Husband Person. Mother Person to a wonderful Baby Person.
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