The Cat

Once upon a time there was a Master called Joseph.  Joseph was a very rich man!  He had so many things it was just really hard to keep track of everything.  His most prized possession was his cat.  He loved his cat soo much that he gave his cat a butler.  The butler had to do all of the cats bidding.  He was a very spoiled cat.

One (very sad) day, Joseph died.  Oh, no!

After several weeks Joseph’s will was read.  Everything Joseph owned was given to his cat!   ‘Can you imagine that?’ all of the town folks asked themselves.  No one could, yet it was true.  All to the cat was given.

The cat was required to meet with many different people to direct them in how it’s affairs were to be managed.  Of course, the butler had to go to.  They met with the cats board of directors for his business, they met with the stock brokers, they met with the grounds keepers, they met with the butcher, they met with the banker, and with the candlestick maker (just kidding – not really).

As each person advised the cat on what needed to be done, the butler listened attentively and soon found that some of the people were advising on their behalf, not on the cats.  Oh my!

The butler, unselfishly, advised the cat to make the wisest choices for all involved.  The Vice President of the company did not receive a salary increase, the stock broker was not allowed to sell and buy where it would make him the most commissions, and the candlestick maker was instructed to use only the best of materials to make new candles.

One day the cat decided to take a stroll down the lane.  As it was strolling, a car zoomed down the lane and the cat was killed.

Within a week the butler was notified that Joseph had left all to the cat and upon the cats death all would be his (the butlers).  The butler had served his masters well and had now inherited all.

And they all lived happily ever after.  Except for Joseph and the cat, of course.

The End.

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