A few days back I wrote about: No contract.  I have been paying attention since then… It’s amazing how much we think in contracts.  We have a $10 a month phone plan, down from a $95 (discounted) phone plan.  And I love it.  Now that HP has settle into his plan, he likes it too.  (He hated Google Voice – I like it)

Back to the contract part.  As I have shopped for a smartphone I have listened to other customers.  They want a contract.  They want a phone for ‘free’.  Or at least a very low price.  In order to do that they need a contract.  A 2 year contract….

How about we just buy the phone outright?  What?  I’m sorry, can you say that again?  Yep… Just buy the phone outright.

If I bought last years model of the iPhone (4s) contract free, I would pay $549.00.  If I bought it with a contract I would pay only $99.  That’s a savings of $450.  Or is it?

Basic math here we come….

Contract free = $ 549 up front and $ 10 a month after that for 2 years (how long a contract lasts).  For a total of: $789

With a contract = $99 up front and $ 80 a month (at the least) after that for 2 years (again the length of time of a contract).  For a total of: $2019

$2019 versus $789 = = = I’ll take the $789 for a savings of: $1230 over the course of 2 years.  Hey, at that rate, if I wanted a new phone every year (or the newest model of phone every other year) I could: with money left over.

Why, oh why, must we think that we HAVE to have a contract?

And where else are we just throwing money away?

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