I, Eye, Aye

Yesterday I was driving around with my daughter in the Jeep.  As I was driving I was thinking and my mind flew in a thousand different directions. It finally settled on one topic. I

So I was wondering: can you make it through a whole day without using the word I?  I can’t.  See – -> I just did it (again).

I always thought I was self-centered.  Very selfish. And now that I have BP – I think so even more.  I just want, I just need, I just sat down, I don’t want, I can’t…. All day long that is all I hear: from me. I, i, I, i, I.  My goodness, where is selfless Mamma?

Then I (eye) look around and I see BP. What do I want to be teaching BP?  That it’s ok to say no just because I just sat down and am too lazy to get back up?  That she needs to come to me because I don’t want to go to her?  That I want a few minutes on the computer to decompress (decompose)?

Each day I need to die to self and serve BP (and others), and with that serving I have found there is a time and a place for I.  Right now HP is working and BP is sleeping: therefore I am writing – -> and that’s what I am choosing to do.

I need to start using my EYE and saying Aye, so that I can be the best Mamma for my BP.


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Wife Person to a wonderful Husband Person. Mother Person to a wonderful Baby Person.
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