No Contract…

We did it.  Today is the first official day of trying to cut back more costs by cutting back on the phone bill.  Here is how it started…

A friend of ours posted on his Facebook wall that he was looking for a new cell phone provider in order to save money.  Another friend posted to try Virgin Mobile.  I looked into it and it would have saved us $15-20.  Not too shabby.  But if I am going to save money I want to S.A.V.E. money.  So I stored that information in my brain (and told HP about it).

One day HP calls me and says: ‘Let’s switch to Tracfone for cell phones and Skype for at home phones’.  At first I was not to keen on the idea.  But, I am a thinker.  So I thought, and thought, and thought.  Then I researched and researched some more.

I liked the idea of saving money, but was unsure of how I felt about Skype.  Then I found it – – > Press here.  It was a site that talked about doing the same thing we wanted to do.  Sort of.  It just substituted Google Voice for Skype and bingo = same idea.  So after some research, we did it.

We switched to Google Voice (for anywhere that we have WiFi access) and Airvoice Wireless (for anywhere we don’t have WiFi access).  So far so good.

A.N.D. instead of saving $15-20 – we are saving $75ish (maybe more). Now that’s more like it!

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