It’s not over-rated.

I’ve been wanting to get back on here and do a little writing, but my brain is mushy, and my daughter is whiney.   And yet here I am, type, type, typing away.  For the last week I have ‘slept’ on the futon so my daughter could sleep.  BP is sick, and she couldn’t sleep laying down flat.  And she didn’t want HP.  She wanted Mommy.

From this L.O.N.G. week I have learned a few things.

1) Mom’s really are ‘the’ comforters when kids are sick.  (Dad’s are ‘the fun one’).
2) I don’t know how single parents parent alone.  **Notice I didn’t say single Mom’s?  Dad’s I give you a ton of credit!  It’s hard being you and I bet it’s harder when you are trying to parent alone.
3) I will do what it takes to have my child get some sleep.  Even if that means I go without.
4) There is a saying: ‘If Mom isn’t happy, no one is happy.’  I think it would be more true to say: ‘If BP isn’t happy, no one is happy.’  A happy, healthy child is a beautiful thing.
5) I miss my own bed.  AND sleeping with HP.

Last night I was able to sleep the whole night in my own bed without BP (and with HP).  And it was good.

HP: thanks for loving us and taking care of us.  BP: please get better soon!


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