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Sleep Training

Take 18,000.  Well, not really, but it sure feels that way.  LO has been up there for 16 minutes.  The first 2 she cried, the next 13 she goofed off, and the last 1 she has cried (sort of).  She … Continue reading

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Yep, that’s me.  I am an INTJ.  I was reminded of this again last night.  We had guests over and I said very little, yet was exhausted by the end of the night. People don’t understand people, but people don’t … Continue reading

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64 Things to do with a 1 year old

**This list is made up of suggestions from many people.  I did not think of them all. (Trying to give credit to where credit is due) 😀 Aquarium Baby signs/ baby signing time Balloon Bare feet in sink Beach Big … Continue reading

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I Love You

Too often we say ‘love you’.  Seems like a good thing to say, right?  Not if you are forgetting the ‘I’ part.  Without ‘I’, ‘Love you’ starts to become trite, casual, not really meaningful.  If we keep the ‘I’ there … Continue reading

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642 Despise

Think of a person you despise.  Now describe all the wonderful things about that person. I don’t despise anyone and there is only one person who comes to mind that I do not like.  So I will go with that … Continue reading

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Fun Mommy Moment

LO is eating chicken and sweet potatoes with me. She was using her spoon for a long time (getting no where). I showed her how to dip her bread into her stew and eat it. She laughed and keeps doing … Continue reading

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Future Business Idea

I think companies should make baby girls’ overalls so that when the girl outgrows the overalls (height wise) a parent can re-snap the overalls to make it a jumper instead. Just to get a little more wear and tear out … Continue reading

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The Cat

Once upon a time there was a Master called Joseph.  Joseph was a very rich man!  He had so many things it was just really hard to keep track of everything.  His most prized possession was his cat.  He loved … Continue reading

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HP: Do you want to take BP to the aquarium tomorrow? WP: Sure. HP: Do you think she will like it? WP: I’m not sure – I’m not sure I’ve ever been, so I don’t even know if I would … Continue reading

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I, Eye, Aye

Yesterday I was driving around with my daughter in the Jeep.  As I was driving I was thinking and my mind flew in a thousand different directions. It finally settled on one topic. I So I was wondering: can you … Continue reading

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