Rantings (1 of ?)

Dear Toy Companies,

When you make a toy, please keep the colors in order.  For example; BP has a puzzle with a number of different colors. The pieces go in this order: purple, red, blue, green yellow, green, blue, purple, red, yellow.  They SHOULD go in this order: purple, red, blue, green, yellow, (and repeat),  purple, red, blue, green, yellow.

When you publish a book about anger please say what the child should ACTUALLY do when they get angry.  Running away without telling someone where they are going is not an appropriate response to anger, nor is it something I want to read to (teach) my child.

Continuing in the book line… why are a number of children’s books about the main character getting lost?  How about we write books about children/animals staying with their parent and having a good time there.

While we are on the subject (we weren’t really, but it popped into my head), why can’t adults teach the truth about Santa Claus?  Why is it okay for a fat old man to pop down our chimney while we are sleeping, but it isn’t okay for any other stranger to come into our house without permission?  Now you may respond Santa isn’t a stranger – oh, but he is.  Children don’t ever meet him.  And if children don’t EVER meet him, then an adult (who will always be someone’s child) will never meet him either.

And what’s with this new thing called: the elf on the shelf (or maybe I am just behind on the times)?  Again – why are we teaching children that something imaginary is ‘watching’ us?  How about just teach children the truth: God is watching us?  He does keep a list of who is naughty and who is nice.  But he also offers a way for forgiveness of our naughtiness (it’s called sin, people, S.I.N.).  That forgiveness comes through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross (and our acceptance of it).  Oh wait – is that too violent to teach our kids?  Exactly what rating would that get on a video game?

And video games it is… Why can’t women be properly clothed in video games?  We can’t (and shouldn’t) walk around town dressed like that – why are you portraying images that are not appropriate and having it try to come across as fun/normal?

And more on video games… video games can be too violent, but that isn’t why kids go out and shoot other people.  Before I go and blame a video game – I am going to ask where was their parent?

How I got from BP’s puzzle of numbers to violent video games (by way of Santa Claus) I will never know.  My plea to you – – toy companies is: please put more thought into what you are (trying) giving our kids.  Think about what it is teaching them (or not teaching them). Don’t worry I will still be extremely picky about what I let BP play with. I am her parent and I am the one responsible for her – but a little help from toy companies would be nice.

A (slightly) OCD mom – or maybe just a cranky one who just wants a decent book to read to her child.

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