642 Inchmeal

Go to the Merriam-Webster Word of the day Web site (www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day), and write a story based on that word.

1/16/13 Inchmeal

Today was a snow day.  It was fun to watch the snow inchmeal pile up.  BP was thrilled to see it.  When we walked to the mailbox she was confused as to what that wet stuff inchmeal falling from the sky was.  To date she has never been in snow – I know, what a terrible mother I am.

BP had fun watching HP snow blow the snow away.  He did not do it inchmeal.  He zoom, zoom, zoomed around and took care of it right quick.  Every time HP disappeared from our sight BP would lean forward-looking for him.  When he would inchmeal come back into our view she would lean back and watch him work.

Today was a fun day to just sit back and watch the snow.  Maybe next year I will actually take her out in it. 😉

The End

P.S. I will probably never use this word again in my life. 😀

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