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Whenever I read the newspaper, I read all of it – including the obituaries.  This past week I commented on several of them to HP.  One was that two women like to yard sale or go to auctions.  First off: who writes that in their obituary?  And second: oh, please don’t ask me to help clean out their house!

Another obituary stated the woman died peacefully holding her great great granddaughter.  Several things here… Don’t let me die holding a kid.  Freaky for them, scary for me.  What if I were to drop the baby because I, well – -> dropped dead.  On a more upbeat note, it’s amazing she met her great great granddaughter.  It’s very unlikely I will ever meet mine.  Let’s see, it would be at least 53 years from now before one would be born.  I’d be oldddd.  But now that I think about it – this lady who died was pretty old.

Just a side note.  When I volunteered at the hospital  we were taught to say people ‘expired’.  What are we: milk?

Now to actually write my obituary:

WP passed away peacefully in her sleep on ##, $$$$$, 20*&.  She was not sick, she did not have cancer.  She simply died of old age.  WP enjoyed making people laugh.  She had a way of slipping in a one-liner when people least expected it.  In her later years people made a point of sitting next to her just to make sure they caught her one-liners.
WP enjoyed volunteering.  She volunteered at many different places and enjoyed listening to other people tell stories.  WP also enjoyed studying, cooking, people watching, and being with family and friends.
WP is survived by HP.  HP fondly remembers WP’s happy feet.  WP loved to dance with HP.  She was always loving, and hugging, and kissing, and squishing him.  HP will miss her very much!
WP is also survived by 3 siblings and their spouses, one sister-in-law and her spouse, 27 nieces and nephews, her favorite (only) daughter BP, 2 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, and a partridge in a pear tree.
WP desired that all would come comfortably dressed to her funeral (jeans are totally acceptable), and that they laugh and have a good time.  Also, please play happy music.
WP will be missed by many as they fondly remember her, and her desire to serve her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Amen


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