642 Skiing

Your worst experience playing a sport.

Is going skiing = playing a sport?  I don’t know, but this was the first story I thought of.

When I was a teenager I went skiing for the first (and only) time with my church teen group.  I rented my skis and boots – no big deal, not very comfy, but I can live with that.  It was advised, strongly, that I start on the bunny slopes.  Which is basically a pretend slope.  And off we go…

I wobbled, and bobbled, and hobbled my way down the slope only falling 2-3 times.  It was the chair lift ride up that got me.  The chair lift was a j-hook type thing and it scooped you up, sort off, not really.  You are supposed to hold on and keep your feet on the ground, and ‘rest’ (not sit) your behind on the j-hook.  I did not know ANY of this.

The chair lift came and I sat down to get my relaxing ride up the slope.  A little downtime, if you know what I mean.  And that’s exactly what I got: a little DOWNtime.  I fell off the chair lift, not once, not twice, but three times.  I know, I know – exactly how does one fall of a j-hook chairlift??

After I finally made it back up the hill (which took much longer to accomplish than going down), I met up with my friend BB.  BB suggested that we go down the bunny slopes one more time and then move on to a slightly more challenging slope.

30ish minutes later I finally made it down and up the bunny slope.  Now to the slightly more challenging slope.

As we swished swished down the slope I realized people don’t really ski ‘together’.  They start at the top at the same time and go at their own speed the rest of the way down.  While thinking about this I saw people disappearing off of a–> JUMP!!

That’s right I went off a jump.  As I clumsily landed the jump, someone swished by and said: nice landing.  And I thought: I’m lucky to be alive!

I made it to the bottom and back up (different – easier lifts over there).  When BB and I met back up at the top of the hill I told her I was going back to the bunny slopes, at least there aren’t any jumps there.  She begged me, and I foolishly listened, to go on one more trail with her.  BB promised it would be more flat with no jumps.

Again, we took off swish swishing and it was more flat – sort of.  My teeth started jug, jug, jugging together as the slope became bumpier.  THIS, was not fun.  Just as I started going around a curve, my teeth jugging away, I saw a little itty bitty <> all black and not so pretty.  AS my brain registered that BB had taken my down a Black diamond trail I slid around the curve, into a tree, lost a ski, and slid a little bit more down the trail on my back.  Now I had one ski, I was cold, wet, sore, and my teeth hurt.

I was Done, DOne, DONE.  Never to ski again.

Off to the lodge I went to dry off, warm up, and wait for the rest of the crowd to finish ‘having fun’.

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