642 Halloween

A vivid childhood memory from the child’s perspective

I recall that one special Halloween.  We weren’t ever allowed to trick-or-treat, but that didn’t bother us.  We always got the ‘extra’ candy the next day as we delivered newspapers to our neighborhood customers.  On this particular Halloween:

Slowly I creep up to my brother’s room, REC is there.  The house is dark except for a few lights here and there.  We keep it that way so no trick-or-treaters will ring our bell.  I whisper to him, asking if he wants to go to the attic to watch the trick-or-treaters.  He says yes.  Soon we are joined by DMC and JEC.  We all sit quietly watching the other kids as they run by.  Laughing, we point at that costume, and that one.  As the hours pass we enjoy each others company as we pick out the costumes we like best  – and least.  Giggling, we head on down to bed, knowing that we will get more candy tomorrow, then the other kids did tonight,  when we see our neighbors.  Happily we fall asleep thinking we just had the best Halloween ever!


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