Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Today I was standing in the hallway eating some Frito’s.  BP came and sat down at my feet. Just as content as could be.  All week she has been slightly attached.  As in very, VERY attached.  BP has wanted to be held and carried and in the same room and with me all.of.the.time!

I’m learning more and more there is nothing wrong with that.  Then today, it struck me.  She loves me so much she wants to be with me all of the time.  But, do I love Jesus that way?  Just as she follows me around and craves my attention, do I follow Jesus around and crave His attention?

Do I want to be with Him  Do I desire to sit at Jesus’ feet, and be content?


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Wife Person to a wonderful Husband Person. Mother Person to a wonderful Baby Person.
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