Fear of the Unknown Future

What are you afraid of?  Up until about a year ago I was only afraid of one thing.  It’s a really silly thing too.  I’m not even sure I am afraid of it anymore.  I know, I know you are dying to know what it is now, aren’t you?

I was afraid no one would be at my funeral.  I told you it was silly.  How can I be afraid of something that I wouldn’t even be aware of?  I’d be DEAD already – -> it wouldn’t even matter.

I’m no longer afraid of that.  I know at least 12 people will be there.  And if they brought all of my nieces and nephews, wow, it would be a full house!  I do wonder if anyone will want to be there though…. On to the subject at hand~

HP and I were talking a while back and he mentioned this fear: The Fear of the Unknown Future.  How often does that prevent us from doing something we should?

It could prevent ‘small’ things.  I was afraid to start this blog (and esp share it with others), because I didn’t think anyone would want to read it – or would enjoy it if they did read it.

It could prevent ‘large’ things.  I once saw a women put back a container of milk because she didn’t have enough money to pay for it.  Fear of her response stopped me from offering to pay for it for her.

Fear of the unknown.

It’s amazing how much power it has over lives.  If we stopped letting this fear control us just imagine what we could do.  Most of all, imagine what God could do through/for/with us.

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