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Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017

I’ve always hated the question: ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’.  Here it is in a new/updated form.  UGH.

Alright, just for pretend, just for fun…

Status 1: BP is back at school today.  Sad to have the house empty again.
Status 2: It snowed again last night!!!  That means BP and HP will be home with me all day.
Status 3: Looking forward to our new president entering office
Status 4: I am so excited to be planning our vacation to the Philippines!
Status 5: We have another niece AND nephew. Woo Hoo  HP’s first’s on his side.
Status 6: I can’t believe Memere and Pepere have lived down here for 3 years now.  It has been wonderful having them live so close. 😉 😉
Status 7: I’m going to be 40 soon.  Wow, time sure has flown.  What a great 10 years!  I hope this birthday year is just as good (if not better) than my 30th.

Alrighty, that’s about all I can handle for predicting what I will be saying in 2017.  I think I will just enjoy today. 🙂

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