Brown Eyed Girl

or Blue, or Green, or Hazel.

The point is – do you know the color of eyes of the person you were last speaking face-to-face with?  I do: Brown.  Okay, that was easy because both HP and BP have brown eyes.  The person before that had green eyes.

I have noticed over the last few years that I can recall (almost every time) the conversation I had with someone if I can recall the color of their eyes.  Usually if I cannot tell you the color I cannot tell you the whole conversation – – or sometimes even part of it. :/

Often I want to close my eyes and ask the person I am speaking with to tell me what color eyes I have.  I bet most of them cannot.  They can, on the other hand, tell me what is above me, behind me, and beside me.  Hmm, can they tell me what we were talking about?

I dare you to test the theory.  Try to remember the color of eyes of the last person you were speaking with.  Later, close your eyes and ask the person you are speaking with to tell you what color eyes you have.  It should be interesting to hear the different answers. 😉

My brown-eyed girl,
You my brown-eyed girl. – – Or was that blue?

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