642 Expensive

What’s the most expensive thing you own? What was it like to buy it?

Technically the most expensive thing I own is our house.  But I would rather tell the story of my 30 birthday – a close second to the most expensive year of my life.

Once upon a time JKC was turning 30.  She did not want to have a big party or anything silly like that.  She wanted to celebrate for the whole year instead!  And that is what she did.  Because that year was a few years ago here is what she bought/did in the order that she can remember.

1) She opened a Facebook account (I know – lame…)
2) She went to a Patriots game
3) She went to a Celtics game
4) She went to a Revolution game
5) She ate sushi for the first time
6) She completed a photo scavenger hunt in Boston
7) She went to a Bruins game
8) She bought a GPS
9) She bought a laptop
10) She went to California on vacation with her brother and his family
11) She bought season tickets to the Bruins
12) And most expensive of all: She bought Charlie – her Jeep

She may have done/bought other things but she forgets right now.
The best part was she celebrated from the day of her birthday all the way through the year to the day before her next birthday.  And that was the (second) most expensive purchase of her life.

And it was FUN! 🙂


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