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The Worst Thanksgiving Dish I Have Ever Had

One might think that I would need to write about the turkey that ‘could (should) have come out of the oven one (two) hour(s) earlier’.  But that isn’t what came to mind when I read this new thing to write about.

Nope, I think of Thanksgiving 2000.  I wasn’t even at the meal and I still think of this dish when I think of the worst dish.  It was made by CB.  She is ALWAYS late, but so much fun that she makes up for being always late.  She was the best roommate ever.  And she has been my roommate 2 times now, and I still say that!

This particular dish was pumpkin soup.  Now I know some people out there might like pumpkin soup; I, frankly, have never even tasted it.  I have heard about it though.  Not one person liked it.  It was late arriving, therefore it was cold (or maybe it was supposed to be cold).  It was lumpy, and funny colored, and I can’t think of enough bad things to say about it.  AND I wasn’t even there!

Pumpkin Soup, yep, the worst Thanksgiving dish ever.


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