642 Halfsies

How the other half lives:

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of people called the Half.  They were a very happy kingdom.  The Half’s had fields and flowers.  They worked hard, but they liked it so much it didn’t seem like work at all.  They got to choose who they would marry, what job they would do, and what they wanted to do for fun.  What was really cool about the Half’s was that, if they wanted to, they could be split in Half (hence their name: The Kingdom of Half).  That way if they didn’t like what they were doing they could split in half and have a #3!!uv@ healthy laugh. (*Sorry about the language – it’s not my usual style – I borrowed that line from a movie called The Slipper and the Rose).
The Half’s kingdom was right next to a kingdom named: The other Half.  How they lived was not nearly as much fun.  They had no flowers, no fields, and worst of all they could not split themselves in half.  They, in fact, were always the other half.  They had to live the boring life.  The life the Half’s did not ever want to live.
Each time one of the Half’s split in two, the other Half had to go live in the Kingdom of the Other Half.  The trouble with this was that the Kingdom of the Other Half was getting larger and larger (because the Half’s kept splitting).  As the Other Half Kingdom grew they became aware that they were the Other Half.  The Half no one wanted.  This made them very, very sad.  Until one day one of the Other Half’s discovered they could become Another Half.  The Another Half’s started their own kingdom called the Kingdom of the Another Half’s and they lived happily ever after.

And that is how the Other Half’s lived – -> as Another Half.

The End

**The idea for this came from the book: 642 Things to Write About.
**The video for the song: Why Can’t I be Two People can be seen here.

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