New Years Resolutions…

For the last few years I have made New Years Resolutions.  Here are the 7 I made last year and how I did with them:

1) Drink more water – – > I did pretty good, not great.
2) Exercise more often – – > Hahahaha, this did not happen, unless you count the range of motion exercises I did with MP 2-3 times a day.
3) Read my Bible consistently – – >Not as well as I would have liked.
4) Read Spectacular Sins by John Piper – – > Completed
5) Read one Non-Fiction/Spiritual book per month – -> Completed
6) Read the whole Bible by 10-1-12 – – > Completed
7) Complain less – – > Utterly failed!!!

4 1/2 goals completed.  Not bad, not good.  Now the question is… do I make more or less goals for this year?  I am really tempted to not make any at all.  But…. here goes nothing.

1) Read all the way through the Bible once. (just once)
2) Complain less
3) Use my time more wisely

That’s all.

I would love to hear the resolutions everyone else is making for this year.  Or why you aren’t going to make any at all. 🙂

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