Checking, Checking, Checking

It’s 4:30 in the morning.  I already checked on the baby.  She isn’t awake, and she didn’t wake me up, but I checked on her anyway.  How could I not?

Last December I was reading a newspaper and it had an article about Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance.  Here is a follow-up article on her disappearance.

What gets me every time, as I think of this case is: how can anyone not check on their child for 12 hours straight?  I thought this then, and I wasn’t even a mother of a child outside my womb yet.

After I put BP down for the night I listen till she goes to sleep.  Then if I wake up in the middle of the night I listen for her.  Sometimes (many times) I go and check on her.  Sometimes HP does.  But we check on her frequently.  I don’t sleep 12 hours straight, and I definitely don’t go 12 hours without checking on her.

In the case of Ayla – – > there were 3 adults in the house, and not one of them checked on her in 12 hours.  Weird, very weird.  Or, I am just way too overprotective.  Either way, I am very thankful my little one is safe and sound.  And I am very sad that Ayla is not.  I think of her often, and hug and kiss and love BP even more often because of Ayla.

P.S. Thanks, HP, for going and checking on BP just now.  You are a great father and husband. I love you muchly.

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