How Boy Met Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl named JKC.  She had the most wonderful Uncle in the whole wide world!  JKC loved him so much that she wanted him to go to church with her.  She was just sooo cute, how could he resist?  And so he went.

Now JKC had the best Sunday School teacher anyone could ever have.  But that teacher wasn’t married, and JKC thought she should be.  JKC prayed that WB would find someone great, and be married for forever.

And then Uncle met WB.  It was love at first sight – -> at least it was for one of them. 🙂  Shortly there after Uncle married WB.  It was the first wedding that JKC remembers every attending.  It was beautiful.

At the reception JKC caught the bouquet!  Woo who, that meant she would be married one day too.  (Funny how a 5 year old’s mind works).

Uncle and WB had a baby 10 months later.  That baby was so very precious.  JKC was very sad she was not old enough to hold PEH. 😦  She sure did enjoy looking at her though.

As the years went on JKC saw Uncle and WB quite frequently, but for some years not so very often.  The years went on, Uncle and WB had a son, and then another daughter (and some cats and dogs).

JKC grew up, went to collage, and started her life as a happily unmarried person.  One day, JKC received a message from her cousin PEH.  The message was: I just met the man you are going to marry.  JKCs response… no, no you didn’t.

As time went on PEH gathered more information on DJG and shared it with JKC in an attempt to have the two meet.  JKC continued to say: no thank you.  Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.  At the end of 4 months PEH met DJG for the second time.  She once again told JKC that JKC would one day marry DJG.

JKC was a little bit stubborn and refused to meet DJG, until one day PEH lied to JKC by telling her that if JKC did not go to his church to meet him DJG would go to hers to meet her.  This scared JKC very much so she become friends with DJG (with the help of PEH) on Facebook to set up a time to meet.

Six months after JKC first heard about DJG they met in person.  It was such a fun date that they made plans to go out again 2 days later.  4 1/2 months later they became engaged.  Just 6 1/2 months after that DJG became JKC’s Husband Person (HP) and they lived happily ever after.

**One of the best parts of this story is that Uncle became a Justice of the Peace just to perform one marriage ceremony. That of DJG to JKC.  And the story of how boy met girl had come full circle.


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