Evidence of My Husband Person

Two years ago, HP and I saw an accident that changed our lives for forever.  We had been married for 2 months when we went camping with family at Word of Life Family Campgrounds.  You can read about the accident and the journey of the couple through the years here: http://grahamandrandi.wordpress.com/   The piece of advice, that changed my life, came in one of Randi’s blog posts. I just looked for the particular post, but I can’t find it now that I want to. (Sorry).

The story Randi wrote about went something like this: (very condensed version) Randi hated to have to turn Graham’s clothes right side out when doing laundry.  Then Graham had the accident. After the accident she didn’t mind so much because it was evidence that her husband was alive and home and functioning. (The End)

Whenever I see something around the house that could easily bother me, I stop, I think of Graham and Randi, and I smile.  Then I think: this is evidence of my Husband Person alive and well. And I smile even bigger.

Here is a picture I took to remind me that I LOVE evidence of my husband person.

Evidence of My Husband Person

P.S. HP, I love you so very muchly!


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