The Freedom of…


We have many freedoms in America, but it seems we are losing our freedom of choice.

I never realized how important freedom of choice was until one day I felt like I didn’t have it anymore.  It didn’t happen all of a sudden.  The freedom crept away slowly.

Toward the end of my one (and only) pregnancy I was tired ALL-OF-THE-TIME. (Let’s face it – I was tired the whole pregnancy).  I thought that would change after I had the baby.  It did not.  I grew more and more tired, esp in the first week.  Once we finally came home from the hospital, I once again thought it would get better. It did not.

When BP was about 4 months old I wasn’t as tired anymore, but I didn’t really have the freedom of choice.  I had to feed her, change her, hold her, do everything/anything for her on her schedule.  The freedom of choice had slipped away.

When BP was 4 1/2 months old I lost even more of my freedom to choose.  MP moved in and it was like having a newborn all over again.  Change, feed, entertain, change feed, entertain and the ball kept rolling all day until I crashed into bed at night.

I wasn’t about to let BP grow up without letting her taste that freedom.  Better to let her taste it now, than wait and never get the chance.

I wrote this when BP was about 6 months old:

“Proud Mommy moment #2: I always ask BP which toy (of 2) she wants to bring on her car ride. Usually she picks Piglet or Bunny (sometimes both when I let her get away with it). Today was the first time I gave her the choice between Bunny and her book. She picked her book! Go BP!! (Yes, I know she is only 6 months old and probably has no clue… Go BP!!!!) Keep reading, Baby, keep reading.”

I hope and pray that I remember to always give her choices.

Just in the last week I feel like I have started to gain my freedom back.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can do more things… I can choose WHEN to do more things.  And/or I can choose not to do anything.

Freedom is a wonderful thing.  Freedom of choice is even more wonderful.

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