You only turn 60… Twice

My MP is living with us right now, and her birthday was on Saturday.  You know, the day that everything else was scheduled for?  A work Christmas party,  a friends Christmas party, AP needed help getting her Christmas tree, and we wanted to switch two rooms upstairs.  Oh yeah, we probably should rake the rest of the leaves before it snows (oops, too late, the weekend is over and it already snowed).

So, we picked the most important things, and said oh, well to the rest.  If I can get a copy of the video of HP and AP setting up the Christmas tree (hint, hint), I will be sure to post it.

I have been a slacker lately and we had to go out and get cake, ice cream, and candles on Friday night so we could celebrate Saturday.  I guess we could have cut it a little closer, but  I’m trying to work on being more organized.  The problem was we couldn’t find a 9.  5’s yes, 9’s no.  So, MP turned 60 this year and will turn 60 again next year.

oh well, you only get to turn 60…twice. 😉

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