Weeds and Leaves

Our lawn looks like – well, it’s weeds. The neighbors lawn (definite line) looks beautiful. She works on her lawn – we don’t. Kind of like a spiritual life. If you work on it you will have a beautiful, fruitful life. If you don’t, it will grow weeds. Lots of weeds quickly.

Then there are the leaves. They are pretty on the tree, but as soon as they fall many people want to rake them up, and dispose of them. (I like to crunch in them – but that is beside the point). Leaves are like the activities in our life. We see them, we want to do them, but once we get involved (the leaves actually touch the lawn), we want that activity gone. Or there are too many. Or we want them in a different place/time.

Leaves also cover the lawn so you can’t tell if it is grass or weeds. Just like activities can cover our spiritual life. ‘Oh, look at her, she is involved in sooo many things, she MUST be spiritual’. Or she is actually using those activities to hide.

Weeds and leaves don’t have to be bad things. In fact the New England Aster is my favorite flower despite the fact that it is a weed. The leaves on the trees indicate growth, or on the ground they can be fun to crunch in.

Spiritually weeds and leaves don’t have to be bad. They just need to be maintained. The good news is that weeds and leaves can be easy to clean up. As long as you are constantly taking care of them, they don’t have to turn into a problem. Unfortunately, if you go all summer (or most of it) without weeding the weeds can be pretty hard to pull up. The same goes for cleaning up the leaves in the fall. It’s best to not wait till the end of the season (or when it is too cold) to start to clean them up.

That is how it is with our spiritual life. If we let a problem simmer in our life, and we don’t yank it out quickly, we will have a harder time cleaning up the weeds. If we let the activities in our life fall around us and we don’t take the time to clean them up, to determine if they are things we truly need to be involved in, we could easily get overwhelmed.

Take the time now, pull those weeds, rake those leaves. Take the time to assess your spiritual life.

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