Tragedy, horrible tragedy

Today I had been toying with a post in my mind.  I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to write it – and post it for all of the world to see.  I still may, but it seems very shallow in light of the horrible tragedy of today’s shooting.  In Ct. many children and adults lost their lives. Why? Who knows?  We never will know because the shooter killed himself too.

I have been reading the comments (I usually like reading the comments more than the article itself).  So many people have gotten off topic.  The tragedy is that people lost their life for no good reason.  The issue isn’t gun control, it isn’t political (how is Obama going to handle this one?), it isn’t that a reporter screwed up and had a child give away her identity, and it isn’t if the shooter played video games.  The tragedy is that beds will be empty tonight.  There won’t be goodnight kisses and hugs tonight – > or ever again.

People, please, stop fighting about the non-issues, and offer support to the people who lost someone today.  Pray that the shootings stop.  Do what you can to prevent this from happening again.  Don’t just complain about it online.  Most of all show love to the ones you love, because you never know if right now will be the last time you will see or talk to that person.

Praying for those who lost someone; and for the children, who lived, that saw others (their friends and teachers) die.


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