Knock, knock… Who’s there?

Many months ago I taught BP how to knock on MPs door.  MP likes it, so does BP.  BP has since learned to crawl… Now BP knocks on MPs door, even when MP should be napping (BP too for that matter).

This conversation was just overheard:

BP: knock, knock, knock
**WP: BP, MP is sleeping, she isn’t ready to get up yet
BP: knock, knock, knock
MP: Who’s there?
BP: knock, knock, knock
MP: Is that BP?
BP: knock, knock, knock
**WP is just a chuckling away in the other room
MP: Come in, but I don’t really think you can by yourself
BP: (actually said) OK.
**WP: um, BP, you can’t open doors yet and YOU both should be sleeping!
BP: crawls away


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Wife Person to a wonderful Husband Person. Mother Person to a wonderful Baby Person.
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